the architectural color coating production line
F. The coating machine has a steering roller, a support roller, a binder roller, a metering roller, a coating roller, a paint tray which can be adjusted up and down, and is designed with a precision coating thickness control adjustment mechanism, and has respective AC variable frequency speed regulating motors. The transmission system, the coating machine can perform various coating operations such as forward or reverse coating to meet the different requirements of various products. The coating thickness and leveling performance can be adjusted by adjusting the speed ratio of each roller speed to the process speed. The realization can also be realized by different coating operations, and the gap adjustment and the pressing force between the rollers are adjusted by the coating adjustment mechanism, and the pressure of the coating roller is displayed on the spot by the pressure sensor to accurately control the thickness of the coating.
G. The drying furnace adopts the heating mode of forced hot air circulation. The heating method can select a variety of energy sources (natural gas, coal, gas, electricity, liquefied gas, etc.) to be heated. The furnace body adopts a labyrinth insert structure and the insulation layer is thick, which can effectively prevent Heat transfer; temperature setting and automatic control according to different coatings and plate thickness; drying oven design has hot air circulation system, fresh air replenishment system, solvent exhaust system, temperature automatic control and other systems. The use of waste gas incineration and waste heat recovery can effectively save energy and reduce production costs while meeting national emission standards.
H. The selection of CPC and EPC ensures stable production of the unit.
I. Adopt AC variable frequency speed control transmission control system, with good man-machine interface and simple equipment maintenance.

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