Single Machine

Single Machine


The uncoiler in color coating line is also called decoiler, Pay off real, uncoiling machine, unwinder, unwinding coiler etc.. It is applied to line production for steel, aluminium and copper alloy mostly, such as cold/hot rolling mill, continuous pickling line, continuous galvanizing line, annealing line, slitting line, cut to length line , color coating line […]

Catalytic Incineration System

Typical catalytic incineration system designer and manufacturer. the systems which catalytically incinerate (oxidize) VOC’s are known in the art. GEIT is one designer and manufacturer of such systems

Tension Leveling/GEIT tensioner. GEIT tension leveling lines ensure high-quality production of various kinds of metal strip.

Four-roller precision coating machine

advance technology four-roller high-precise coating machine for steel plate coating. GEIT group not only supply high speed roller coating production line but also the single precise coating machine according to the customers requirements.

Two-roller Precision Coating Machine

China manufacture high quality of two-roller precise coating machine with low price. and integrated cover-coating and back-coating machine, four-roller precise coating machine can also be available.

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