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Company News

We have three workshop for producing color coating line, slitting line and other machinery and various kinds of large scale cutting, grinding, milling, drilling lathe. Our customer was full of praise for our design and production ability. Then we have a meeting on some technical issues. First question is about the oven fuel, because there […]

It’s nearly 4 pm after we arrived the reference factories, no much time left, so we begin to visit the aluminum color coating line right away. The workshop is so hot  but our customer still show a high level interest on the aluminum color coating line process. The posed some questions about the accumulator, pre-treatment […]

One of our customer who has two decades experience in aluminum industry, is really interested in installing aluminum color coating line for their own factory. So we negotiated and arranged the schedual after they confirmed the trip to visit our factory, we planed to receive them at 9am, but due to they have a important […]

GIET is professional in designing and manufacturing colour coating line and galvanizing line, but we can also supply full range of services for  in revamping of them. They follow line of old used galvanizing line is our customer want to do some upgrade. For this old used galvanizing line, we could modificate it for a […]

GEIT electric equipment factory enjoys a meaningful time with line up pf linqu county clerk . The company cordially warmly welcomes and meets the county clerk with open arms to thank for their support  and recognition,  Linqu county clerk line up inspect our production process, productivity, environmental protect measures of color coating line, VCM home appliance […]

Welcome Algeria customers to visit factory for galvanizing and color coating line The customers from Algeria are very interested in our color coating and printing line and hot dip galvanizing line, they spent two days in visiting our factory and spoke highly of the production lines in manufacturing process, machine performance and excellent post-sales service.All […]