Steel Color Coating Line

Steel Color Coating Line

Pre-coated steel sheet line GEIT electric equipment factory is widely known as a leading manufacturer of high standard pre-coated steel sheet line, aluminium color coating line, color coating and printing line and functional metal coating line in past years. We thrive to achieve industry prominence as a pre-coated specialist by combining our professional knowledge, rich […]

Coil Coating Line Solutions Coil coating is a term used to describe the application of a decorative or protective organic coating to metal supplied in coil form. It takes cold rolled steel strip and galvanized steel strip as base coil by continuous operation to do surface pretreatment and the coat one or multi layers paint […]

GEIT’s color coating line is capable of producing high-quality color-coated steel coil with high levels of productivity, at a maximum process speed of 180 m/min. It apply multi-layer organic coatings(e.g., coatings of SMP,HDP,PVDF etc) on the strip surface to protect the final product and against corrosion, chemicals, UV radiation, and mechanical scratch. Process Flow and Technical […]

Steel sheets color coating continuous production line Steel sheets color coating lines are well-known for their beautiful color change, optimized line configuration, easy accommodation of product. The processed substrates can be uncoated carbon steel, hot-dip or electrolytic galvanized steel, hop dip Al-Zn coil, cold-rolled steel coil etc.. Advanced coating technology: The equipment has advanced continuous roller […]

High speed color steel coil production line Color coated coil normally refers to the product of cold rolled or galvanized steel coil, whose surface is pretreated (degreased, phosphated or passivated), then coated (or rolling printed) a layer of dye and dried up, of whose character can be machined directly. Due to the features of high […]