the architectural color coating production line
A. Advanced roll coating technology, mature and reliable technology, widely used in construction and other industries.
B. The use of vertical loopers can effectively reduce the impact of the production line on the shape of the plate.
C. In order to ensure the quality of the product, the pre-treatment section uses continuous alkali spray, alkaline scrubbing and three-stage water spray, and the last stage is set with fresh pure water spray to enhance the degreasing effect and completely remove the oil stain on the strip surface.
D. Enhance the adhesion of the surface of the strip to the paint, set the chemical coating section, form a chemical conversion film on the surface of the strip, and play a transition layer between the surface of the strip and the subsequent coating.
E. The coating method adopts the roll coating method, the technology is advanced, and the quality of the chemical film is high, which ensures the performance and quality of the color plate coating. AC variable frequency motor drive, the speed can be adjusted independently to suit the process requirements; equipped with a chemical coating liquid circulation mixing system to ensure the uniformity of the liquid in the whole operation process; both sets of coating heads can avoid the rewinding or the rapid opening of the weld Close the mechanism to prevent damage to the work roll. The process has the characteristics of less pollution, high utilization rate of chemical treatment agent, uniform chemical film and compactness.

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