color coating line

Color Coating Line is a processing of coating sheet with organic paint. After the processing of the color coating line,the coated sheet has good characteristic of printing, forming, corrosion resistance and decoration, and what’s more it still keeps the performance of high strength and deform ability. The production of color coating sheet with high quality and multi-function is very popular in the steel industry recently, and the sheet with high corrosion resistance, high deform ability, fingerprint resistance and microbial resistance will share part of market.

color coating line

How does the color coating line work? I will introdunce tou you the process flow of the color coating line. Coil loading car–pay-off reel–shear–riveter–entry loop–alkali washing–water washing–hot air drying–chemical coating–chemical coating drying–primer coating–primer drying–air drying–printing machine(reserved)–varnish coating–laminator–vanish(laminating)cooling–exit loop–shear–tension reel–coil unloading car.

process of the color coating line

The Color Coated sheets from our Color Coating Lines are used in different industries such as:

  • Roofing
  • Automotive
  • Packaging
  • Household appliances

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