Pre-coated steel sheet line

GEIT electric equipment factory is widely known as a leading manufacturer of high standard pre-coated steel sheet line, aluminium color coating line, color coating and printing line and functional metal coating line in past years. We thrive to achieve industry prominence as a pre-coated specialist by combining our professional knowledge, rich experience and vast resources to offer the finest integrated and cost-effective processing solutions.

pre-coated steel coil line


1. Fine surface pre-treatment:

Make the steel coil strips be subject to surface degrasing, parkersing and passivating treatment to enhance the adhesive force between the steel sheets and coating layer.

2. Precisely coating method:

Cause of our pre-coated steel sheet line adopts double coated and double drying roller coating process, the pre-coated steel sheets have the excellent corrosion and weather resistance, durability, high tensity and good machinability.

3. Environmental protection solution:

The oven equipped with catalytic incineration device as well as waste heat recycling device, which reach energy-saving and cost reduction effect.

4. Automatic control system:

Adopts Electric Transmission System, the whole control system adopts PLC control.


The Pre-coated steel sheet is widely used in the construction industry , for example, it is used at:

1.Roofing and wall cladding


3.Building products

4.Roofing tiles







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