aluminum color coating line 1
The Aluminum color coating line is used for priming coating line and surface coating of aluminum after surface degreasing, rust the equipment is a line used for priming coating and surface coating of aluminum after surface degreasing, rust removal and cleaning, in order to resist rust permanently.
Color coated aluminum coil technology: First, the double-coating &  one-baking typical coating process, mainly used in construction of the roof, exterior walls, normal  furniture and other industries, with largest production of its products and most widely used, this  scheme is the use of two coated & single-bake colored coil production line technology, less investment,  high yield, high efficiency.
Color coated aluminum coil technology
 The production line consists of  uncoiling section, pretreating section, base coating section, surface coating section, coiling section, temperature control system, electrical control system, and pneumatic and hydraulic system for mechanical equipment, all of which combine into an automatic control system for the whole production line. Color coated aluminum coil, which was finished through degreasing, cleaning, passivation, coating and baking, are mainly used in fields of construction decoration such as ACP and ceiling etc.
1. Coating thickness is stable by using rolling coater
2. The paint can be PVDF, PE and AC
3. With multi-module PLC control system
4. Heating and drying system with natural gas or diesel oil

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