The printing production line of colored steel plate is a complete of production equipment of colored steel plate, and finally compounds to form new functional plates. The GEIT  metal color coating and printing line respond to the growing demand for pre-coated sheets with huge requirement and top product quality. The advantage of our printing production […]

 Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines for the construction and white goods applications Hot-dip galvanization  is a widely applied method of protection of steel elements against corrosion. GEIT hot dip galvanizing lines are specifically designed for manufacturing top-quality strip products for construction, household appliances, exposed and non-exposed automotive applications. The combination of outstanding mechanical equipment, furnace, air […]

steel coil pattern coating line

What’s the coil pattern coating line? what should i learn about the equipment and the finished products. here is the answer.

What is the continuous Hot-dip galvanizing line? The continuous Hot-dip galvanized is manufactured using cold-rolled steel coil which is coated with a thin layer of high grade zinc on both sides by hot dip zinc coating process. It resists corrosion by supplying barrier and cathodic protection, as well as through the development of the zinc […]

Pre-coated steel sheet line GEIT electric equipment factory is widely known as a leading manufacturer of high standard pre-coated steel sheet line, aluminium color coating line, color coating and printing line and functional metal coating line in past years. We thrive to achieve industry prominence as a pre-coated specialist by combining our professional knowledge, rich […]

Coil Coating Line Solutions Coil coating is a term used to describe the application of a decorative or protective organic coating to metal supplied in coil form. It takes cold rolled steel strip and galvanized steel strip as base coil by continuous operation to do surface pretreatment and the coat one or multi layers paint […]

The color coatingand printing is a processing of coating sheets with organic paint and overprint multi-color laryer on the surfece of coated of steel or aluminium coil. you can see the different specification from below chart.

Continuous Printing Production Line of Colored Steel coil The continuous printing production line of colored steel coil is a complete of production equipment for colored steel coil, and the process is as follows: make the steel coil strips be subject to surface degreasing, parkerising and passivating treatment, then apply multi-layer organic coatings (e.g., coatings of […]

GEIT’s color coating line is capable of producing high-quality color-coated steel coil with high levels of productivity, at a maximum process speed of 180 m/min. It apply multi-layer organic coatings(e.g., coatings of SMP,HDP,PVDF etc) on the strip surface to protect the final product and against corrosion, chemicals, UV radiation, and mechanical scratch. Process Flow and Technical […]

Color Coating Line Coating process description Aluminum coil color coating line is developed according to the market demanding, which could implement simultaneously coating at both sides. According to the different needs of customers, it can finish single coating at one side, single coating at both sides, dual coating at top side while single coating at […]